1.Who is Jinyan Solar?

Jinyuan solar was founded in 2004 as a LED flashlight factory. After years of development, Jinyuan solar has become a leading manufacturer of solar panels, solar lights, and portable lights.

2.Why Jinyuan Solar?

Firstly, Jinyuan Solar has a long history and is expanding every year. If a product’s quality assurance life is 25 years like a solar panel, would you prefer to work with a big manufacturer with a long history?
Secondly, Jinyuan Solar is a direct manufacturer with export rights, it can save you lots of middle costs.

3.Where is Jinyuan Solar?

Jinyuan Solar is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China. There are direct flights or trains from Thailand, Hongkong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou to our city. It is worth the journey because you will have confidence after seeing our production lines.

4.What are your main products?

Jinyuan solar produces solar panels, LED lights, and LED portable lights.

5.Can you make my own models?

Yes! We have rich experience in ODM and can design and open molds based on your idea. We can also sign exclusive agreements if we agree on the yearly purchase volume of specific models.

6.What is your MOQ?

MOQ varies from model to model, we follow the market rule, please click” contact us” and have more details.

7.What are your payment terms?

We can accept TT, LC, and other payment terms. Everything can be discussed.

8.What is your normal lead time?

Usually, our lead time is 7 days for solar panels, and 20-40 days for portable lights and LED lights. Our sales will confirm the delivery time before we finalize the order.

9.Where are your main markets?

Our main markets are:
Solar panels: mainland China, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Portable lights: Africa, Asia, South America.
LED lights: Europe, Asia, etc.

10.Can you make our own brand?

Yes, sure. But we warmly welcome you to make our brand, and we will provide promotional gifts like T-shirts, and shopping bag with our Tiger World brand.

11.Is it easy to install LED lights and solar panels?

We provide installation instructions for every customer and suggest you work with certified installation workers.

12.What is your after-sales service?

For every piece of our solar panel, LED lights, and portable lights, we provide after-sales service as the market needs, please click” contact us” to have more details.